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Win the lottery

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Lottery tickets generally cost just a few dollars and are available at most grocery and convenience stores, so this is one of the cheapest, least work-intensive ways of making money. However, you’re much more likely to lose money by playing the lottery than to win a big prize.

Always expect to lose the money you spend on lottery tickets. While it’s true that it’s impossible to win the lottery without playing, you should never count on it as a means of supporting yourself. To put things in perspective, your odds of winning a Powerball jackpot in the United States are about 1 in 200 million.

Many people use this method of earning money by setting aside a few dollars every week or month. For example, instead of buying coffee everyday for a week, buy it six days a week or brew coffee at home. This way, the extra money can go to lottery tickets and even if you do not “win it big” your life is still perfectly normal.

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