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Win a contest

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Much like the lottery, a contest or sweepstakes can completely change your life overnight. Your chances for winning are not very high, but it does happen. The more contests you enter, the more likely you are to win money and other valuable prizes.

The advantage of contests over the lottery is that it is often free to sign up. Try searching online and on social media for free contests and sweepstakes that you can enter. You can also learn about contests by paying attention to advertisements for them on products while you’re out shopping. Many of them don’t even require a purchase for entry.

If you’re serious about entering as many sweepstakes as possible, try searching online for a sweepstakes newsletter, like or This might help you keep on top of the newest contests out there, so you don’t have to spend hours of your time searching.

There are lots of sweepstakes scams out there, so proceed with caution. You should never be required to pay a fee or give a credit card number to collect winnings from a legitimate contest.[19] You should also be very cautious about how much personal information you provide when signing up for sweepstakes.


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