Independent Reps

Independent Affiliate

STEP #1:
You can register at eventbrite to become an affiliate then promote your affiliate code. 
There is no paperwork required for this project VIMF2018
Must have a Paypal account in order to get payment. ONCE 4 PEOPLE BUY FROM YOU A TICKET YOU CAN MOVE TO THE NEXT STEP
 STEP #2:
You will be assign to a sales group, get training on all the projects, products and services we offer.
Online sale Pay out are made same day.  You can recommend local businesses to participate by contacting your project manager assign to you, your commission will be doubled (20%)

How to Become a Qualified Independent Sales Representatives:

Our sales team is authorized to sell all products and services we  offer after training.  You must qualify by selling tickets to our festival #25/ticker or recommend a business.  should you purchase a membership you would automatically to select any position such as:
  • Work from home to make $250-$750/week +comm & bonuses.
  • Work at our festival each year 3 days with an assign project manager.
  • Sell to 100 or more clients, you can be promoted as a project manager project manager (Earn up to $30K/year working PT.
  • Any qualified sales rep or member can become a production team manager.  Must build your own group of 25 reps ($1,500/mth to manage sales group) +10% of  payment to any member in your group.